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Artify is a platform built for arts, artists and event organizers, where artists can find new opportunitines to participate and earn and event organizers find artists for their upcoming events. We also provide a wide variety of services related to different type of art forms.

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About Artify

An Omni-channel Platform That has Everything for Art & Artists.

Artify is a platform built for artists, musicians and music lovers and our goal is to bring all essentials in this field under one roof. The below mentioned areas are our primary focus.

With Artify even beginners can learn music and we will give support and advice on music related problems. Nowadays it's very difficult to buy music instruments with trust from online. Even if we buy it from any reputed online stores they are just delivering a product. Here Artify has to say something - we will deliver the best tuned instruments (checked by our experts). So even beginners can buy from Artify without any fear. Also we have a wide range of music instruments and accessories that we have sourced from well expertised manufactures.

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Our Highlights

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Artify Marketplace

Artify marketplace brings the features of selling art and music products from local and international brands. And this too specially checked by our dedicated team so that even a beginner can buy it from here. All instruments are well tuned and checked..

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Artify Community

Growing a Community means expanding the network of like minded people.At Artify we are providing a new feature for artists to create their profile with specializations so that others can view and book their programs and get directly paid..

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Artify NFT

NFT(Non Fungible Token) NFTs is a decentralized social marketplace offering artists the ability to connect with each other along with investors and digitally exchange NFTs for their creations within a sustainable and powerful tokenomics system ...

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Artify Events

Artify Events serves as a platform that helps performers announce their major programs being conducted at different locations. This helps them to attract more audience and take their business to the next level.

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Why Artify?

A platform that supports and promotes the growth of all forms of Arts and its Artists

Our mission is to bring all the essentials in music into one platform. Our first initiative in this movement is Artify Academy & Artify Ecommerce for those who love music.

Our vision is to make the music world better with Artify, which will be a decentralized and social marketplace where music and artists will be able to interact with their admirers in revolutionary ways and make their life standards better with anything they want from music available on this platform.

In a nutshell, Artify will serve as a full package platform for its users and offers them a lot more that could change the way they perform and use their skills.

  • Helps create more opportunities to participate and earn
  • Helps showcasing and trading their own art content
  • Helps purchasing the most trusted and tuned instruments
  • Helps building a community around their area interest

Building a platform that generates millions of opportunites

6 +

Art Forms

500 +

Tuned Instruments

1000 +





We meet objective milestones to make our vision a reality.

Phase 1
Artify Community

Phase 2
Artify Events

Phase 3
Artify Marketplace

Phase 4
Artify NFTs


Our Team

Arun G Nair

Head of Marketing

Arun G Nair
Arun G Nair


Thushar T Kumblolil
Thushar T Kumblolil


Sarath Kumar
Sarath Kumar S


Unni Krishnan R
Unni Krishnan R



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